Kodinta technological expertise encourages our clients’ competitive ability and capitalizes on the challenges of today in order to create opportunities for tomorrow. We have recognized wide-ranging expertise and strong skills in all key PHP technologies, frameworks and libraries.


AngularJS, jQuery, JQuery UI, ExtJS, SmartClient, StealJS, Ember.js, Handlebars, Parallax.js, WOW.js, RequireJS, Raphael.js, LESS, SASS, GruntJ


Nest.js (node.js), GraphQL, PostgreSQL, PHP Laravel, Symfony,


Information Architecture (IA) User research & CJM Interaction Design (IxD) Service Design Design System


JavaScript, React.js, Apollo, Prostore, jQuery


MySQL SQL/NoSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, FoxPro, Paradox, Cassandra


iOS & Android, React Native, Hybrid Web App, PWA


We are Logistics management systems experts in industrial operations & planning, Accounting inovations, Manufacturing Science, Operations Research IT and of course innovative Heuristics & Artificial Intelligence

The benefits of a TMS A TMS—and modern transportation management in general—provides many benefits to businesses. Some of the top benefits are:

Reduced costs for the business and the end customer

Time savings—fewer manual steps result in fewer delays and faster delivery times

Simplification of supply chain processes across geographies, modes, and carriers

Automation of business operations for faster and more accurate billing and documentation

Improvement in visibility and security, especially in transit

The ability to track freight, both locally and globally, on a single platform

Better import and export compliance minimizing penalties and shipment delays

New business insights as better reporting leads to faster action and process improvement

Improvements in customer service and customer satisfaction with real-time updates and fewer shipment delays

The ability to scale the business by meeting and exceeding customer demands for fast, on-time shipments


Tomorrow’s deliveries, done today

Optimizing your delivery routes gets more done in quicker time while overwhelmingly surprising your customers’ service expectations.

  Automatically Generate Optimized Driver Routes

Automatically Generate Optimized Driver Routes

 Straightforward Route Planning

Customizable options including photo capture, GPS tracking, custom meta fields, proof of delivery and much more.

 Multi-Stop Planning Reduces Costs

Enter your daily locations and the route optimization function implements the most effective driver route. Automatically optimized routes preserve fuel and reduce delivery costs.

 Recurring Tasks Reduces Back-Office Admin

Recurring tasks eliminate the need to program the same routes daily and instead get updated automatically.

 Pc & Mobile Planning At Your Fingertips

Manage your team of drivers from your mobile and furnish them with real-time information and ensure task completion on the go.

 Powerful Reporting In A Few Clicks

Obtain routing data to boost your business performance. Track only the metrics you need like actual task completion time, average driver delivery time or cost per delivery.

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